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I was sued by my former landlord. Amos held off the landlord's attorney for three years until I happily settled for 1/3 of what they demanded.

-A.B., New York, NY

The credit card company sued me a year and a half ago for just over a quarter of a million dollars. Over a year ago, Amos got an order dismissing the action and awarding us attorney fees. He then defeated their motion to vacate that order. It’s now almost a year later, I haven’t had to pay them anything and if they ever want to sue me again they first have to pay the attorney fees that we were awarded.

-T.G., New York City

They sued me for $16,271 on my Bank Credit Card account and after Amos Weinberg put in papers, they settled for $380 total.

-J.Z., Flushing, NY

I was sued for $17,594.01 on a credit card account. After Amos Weinberg defeated their motion for summary judgment, they settled for $1000.

- B.L., Walnut Creek, CA

The Bank sued me 11 years ago, and after Amos Weinberg put in papers, we never heard anything ever again.

- D.O., Bayside, NY


Ignore a lawsuit, and you'll wake up to a frozen bank account.

Please don't shoot the messenger.


If you have been sued, don't hesitate to call or email us. Don't wait until your bank account is frozen.


Weinberg Law Office

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  • ​Immediately file an answer to the complaint with discovery demands.

  • Prepare responses to the plaintiff's demands.

  • Fight the plaintiff's motions for judgment.

  • Fight the plaintiff in court every step of the way with all available legal defenses.

  • Protect you from default and maintain control of the litigation.

  • Answer all your questions, and build your trust.

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